We are raising funds to extend the very small families room we currently have on our neonatal unit, creating a better environment for families whilst they are visiting their poorly newborn babies. This will mean parents can rest, prepare a meal and see their relatives, whilst their baby is being cared for, ensuring parents can stay as close to their babies for as much of the time as possible.

The average stay for a poorly newborn baby on the neonatal unit at Lister Hospital is 10 weeks, and the unit is often at its full capacity of 30 babies.

Currently, we provide a room where families can make a hot drink and get some rest, and as you can imagine, the unit becomes a home away from home. However, there is only room for six visitors at any one time meaning that the demand far outweighs capacity.

Due to a lack of cooking facilities, families currently have to leave the unit in order to get a proper meal. At a time when, inevitably, parents do not want to be away from their baby, this, combined with the additional cost of purchasing food, makes this difficult time even harder.

The original idea for the extension came directly from The Lister Neonatal Unit Families Group; an extremely dedicated parent support group who work hand in hand with the Charity to fundraise for the unit.

We are going to extend the current families room, making the new room over seven times bigger, increasing capacity from 6 to 30 people.

The extended families room will include:

  • Accessible gardens providing a moment of relaxation
  • Specialist recliner chairs allowing families to rest in comfort
  • Cooking and showering facilities so families do not have to leave the unit

The extended families room will deliver the following outcomes:

  • Increased privacy and comfort for parents
  • A designated area for siblings to play, making visits more enjoyable for young siblings
  • Space for grandparents and extended family to visit without feeling ‘in the way’

You can help us create a home away from home

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For more information about the project please contact a member of the team on 01438 285182 or email [email protected]