Interventional radiology offers minimally invasive alternatives to open surgery, for example using MRI scans to precisely target a specific area with pinhole surgery.  With recent advances in technology the range of procedures that can now be performed is ever expanding, with many interventions being life-saving.  However, we do not currently have a specific interventional radiology recovery unit.

By creating a purpose built recovery area at the Lister Hospital, along with a new assessment space, we can significantly enhance our patient’s treatment environment and experience. Not only would the creation of this unit provide a more calming environment for patients it would also reduce the waiting times for our patients to undergo a procedure, and increase our procedure capacity; allowing our specialist team to see an additional 500 patients each year.

Benefits of an Interventional Radiology recovery unit

  • Patients will be assessed, treated and recover in the same area
  • Improved patient, family and staff experience
  • Reduced waiting times for procedures
  • An additional capacity of 500 patients each year could be accommodated

This specific recovery unit will ensure that our Interventional Radiology team at the Lister are able to perform even more life-saving treatments in the very best environment.