GORD is a very common condition, where acid from the stomach leaks up into the oesophagus, and affects up 10-15% of the population. 

Patients are currently being sent to Watford, Cambridge or London for testing due to ENHT not having this specialist equipment. With the testing taking place on two separate days, patients may have to travel over 100 miles once all four legs of the journey have been completed.

By providing the testing at Lister Hospital we can significantly improve the patient’s pathway, therefore improving our patient’s experience at ENHT

Equipment we need to purchase:

Bravo capsule and data recording boxes - £3,000

Standard wire pH probe and data recording boxes - £5,000

High resolution manometry (HRM) machine - £16,000

The benefits of providing physiology testing at Lister Hospital:

  • No excessive waiting time for oesophageal physiology tests
  • Much shorter waiting time for patients to then receive appropriate treatments
  • Patients won’t need to travel long distances / saving expenditure
  • High quality manometry and pH reports for all local patients who need them
  • Availability of both pH technologies would provide options for patients who cannot tolerate wires or in whom wire testing was inconclusive

Your support will help us to providing physiology testing for the very common condition of GORD at Lister Hospital.