Help Mount Vernon Cancer Centre and our NHS staff

Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) we are facing an unprecedented demand for NHS services and we are working incredibly hard to ensure that we continue to provide extraordinary care for our patients whilst also looking after our staff and volunteers.

If you would like to express your gratitude to the NHS and our hardworking staff, you can do so by leaving a message of support and making a donation to our charity via the pink 'donate' button at the top of this page. 

“I ask everyone that needs to attend hospital over the next few weeks and months, please remember that these amazing people will be working in extreme conditions, most I’m sure will be working to the point of exhaustion. They all have my eternal respect and gratitude. Each and every one of them deserves our respect.”

The funds raised will support the physical and emotional wellbeing of staff throughout this difficult time, as they continue to work hard to serve our communities. The donations received could also go towards extra medical equipment, support services, cutting-edge research projects and refurbishments to our hospitals. 

"The staff at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre are all amazing. I occasionally meet the radiographers in the corridors. After six months after treatment and they all still remember my name and ask me how I am –genuinely caring.” 

Please also share any messages of support on our Twitter and Facebook pages using #HereForEachOther 


*Please note that unfortunately we cannot accept donated items from supporters. We are following government guidance and discouraging anyone from visiting our hospital sites for non urgent care.

Other ways you can help