We are currently fundraising for new portable Doppler machines to support our patients going through dialysis.

We currently treat around 500 patients across five Renal units, located in Bedford, Harlow, Luton, Stevenage and St Albans. 72% of these patients need nurses to use needles to get access to their blood circulation for dialysis.

A portable Doppler machine, also known as an ultrasound machine, shows the best areas to place needles for optimum comfort and treatment outcomes. It uses a non-invasive scanning process with ultrasound technology to allow a clinician to see the blood vessels and surrounding tissue. We would like to purchase a machine for each of our five units.

Dopplers are not a statutory funding responsibility, so although patients receive the quality of care expected by the NHS, guesswork in dialysis is not uncommon and this can be uncomfortable.

We need to raise £40k to purchase the machines and we would be enhancing the care of over 350 patients each year by:

  • Increased comfort, as clinicians will map the blood vessels with total accuracy
  • Earlier detection of blood vessel problems
  • A more relaxing experience, reducing the likelihood of depression in patients

For more information about the project please contact a member of the team on 01438 285182 or email [email protected]