We are raising funds to enhance the experience of new mums and their families at Lister Hospital.

Lister Hospital Maternity Unit

Lister Hospitals Diamond Jubilee Maternity Unit opened in 2011 and now sees over 5,500 babies born every year. Our dedicated team of midwives, doctors and support staff work tirelessly to provide a positive experience for all women and families who choose to receive care with us during their pregnancy, birth or postnatal period.

Women can choose to have their baby at home or on in our maternity unit, where we offer a Midwife Led Unit and a Consultant Led Unit. We offer a range of enhanced maternity services including hypnobirthing, an antenatal programme which teaches techniques helping to reducing the effects of anxiety and tension, leading to a calmer, birthing experience.

“From the moment I was admitted until the time that my baby and I were discharged, the staff at the Lister were absolutely amazing. The midwives that assisted me in particular were wonderful, professional and extremely supportive.”

Our incredible maternity team have many pieces of equipment that they hope to purchase. Some of the projects your donation could help to fund include:

  • A new birthing pool on the Consultant Led Unit to offer more women the opportunity to birth in water.
  • Comfy reclining chairs to offer birth partners the opportunity to rest and relax when they are staying with us to support our expectant and new mothers.
  • Rocking chairs for mothers to feed their babies comfortably.
  • Special play areas for our family waiting rooms.
  • Specialist training courses for our staff so they can bring the latest knowledge and specialist services to the Lister.

 You can help to enhance the experience of new mothers