Meet Graham Hoare

Graham is a cancer survivor and Chair of the Men's Health Fundraising Committee. Read more

Meet Andrew Hall

Andrew started fundraising for us after his twins were treated on the Neonatal Unit at the Lister. Andrew is a member of the Lister Neonatal Families Group. Read more

Meet Kerry Danns

Kerry is a cancer survivor, fundraising to make a difference for our patients at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre. Read more

Meet Alfie

Alfie is one of our youngest fundraisers making a difference to our patients on the Children's Ward at the Lister. Read more

Meet Glyn Dogget

Glyn became Chair of the established Lister Neonatal Unit Families Group after his son Max was born 12 weeks prematurely. He now spends his spare time volunteering to raise funds for the unit. Read more

Max's story

Here is a video of one child's personal journey the Neonatal Unit Read more

Meet Tracy Kosmalski

Tracy is a passionate fundraiser and supporter of our Hospital Charity. Read more

Meet Steph and Joe

Steph and Joe's daughter was treated on the Neonatal Unit, now they are fundraising for the Neonatal Big Build to help make a difference to future parents on the unit. Read more

Harry's Story

Harry was born at the Lister and has the very rare disorder 'Williams Syndrome'. May is Williams Syndrome awareness month. Read more

Meet Keeley Russell

Keeley has just finished cancer treatment and is dedicated to raising funds for her local cancer centre Read more

Joan's Story

Joan visited the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre after being diagnosed with Cancer. She credits the centre for helping her through this tough period. Read more