The Neonatal Unit at the Lister Hospital cares for over 900 poorly babies each year. There is currently a very small families’ lounge and we hope to extend this so we can create a better environment for families whilst visiting their babies.

The idea for the extension has come directly from The Lister Neonatal Families Group, who are all volunteers, fundraising on our behalf.

The average stay on the Neonatal Unit at Lister Hospital is 10 weeks. Two visitors per baby are allowed on the ward at any one time and there are often up to 25 babies on the unit. Currently, there is only room for six visitors in the families’ lounge meaning that the demand for the room far outweighs capacity.

We need to raise £338k for the big build which will help achieve:

  • Improved privacy and comfort
  • A designated area and toys for siblings to play
  • Space for grandparents and extended family to visit
  • Facilities and space to have meals so families don't have to leave the unit.

Watch Max's Story

For more information about the project please contact a member of the team on 01438 285182 or email [email protected]