Sometimes, little heartbeats need a bit of help. With your support, we can give the best care to our youngest patients with poorly hearts. 

It is incredibly stressful for parents to be told their child might have a heart condition. To add to that worry, at the moment they have to travel to London for treatment, which is even more difficult during the current pandemic.

We want to purchase equipment to ensure our youngest patients can be treated locally, and by specialist paediatric staff who are able to reassure and comfort children. 

In our hospitals alone, we will treat around 900 children a year with heart conditions. 

We want to buy three pieces of equipment to give the best care and treatment to our poorly children locally and help them avoid having to make trips to London.

  • GE Vivid S70 Cardiovascular Ultrasound uses the latest technology to provide detailed examinations which will improve treatment
  • CardioExpress SL12A is a high-tech portable machine for busy hospitals and delivers results in real time
  • Oxygen Saturation Monitors can be used in maternity units or out in the community and will help detect life-threatening conditions in children who appear well

The total cost of these pieces of equipment is £70,000 but the value is priceless when helping little heartbeats. Please help us provide the best care we can to our littlest patients. Thank you. 

baby in heart frame

However you decide to help our little heartbeats, thank you!