The Supportive Care Unit project was created to reduce cancer patient waiting times at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, as currently patients who have complex needs are often staying overnight unnecessarily.

Our vision for the Unit is to provide a patient focused service that delivers the same excellent care an inpatient would receive, without the need for an overnight admission.

The Supportive Care Unit will provide patients with tests and treatments in one area, reducing the need to travel to different departments. For example, patients will be able to have their vital bloods done on the unit and get results within minutes, which will allow treatment to be administered almost immediately.

The Unit will be equipped to treat 12 patients who will have the support from a specialist team compromising of three nurses, one health care assistant, one doctor and one nurse practitioner.

We need to raise £150k for this project and it will achieve the following for our patients:

  • 80% of patients will go home within two hours - previously 100% of patients would have been admitted
  • The average time spent on the unit will be 30 minutes to 2 hours
  • Test results will be processed rapidly, decreasing waiting times from four to six hours to twelve seconds allowing treatment to commence much quicker

For more information about the project please contact a member of the team on 01438 285182 or email [email protected]