We know you like to make our patients smile by giving out Christmas gifts to our patients.

We can help!

As your hospital charity we help source donated presents from kind supporters in the community. If you would like to request gifts for your ward or area in the hospital please complete the form below and a member of the charity team will get in touch to confirm whether we can help.

We will ask our generous supporters if they can donate and will confirm a date for a presentation of the gifts.

For more information contact us on 01438 285182 or email [email protected]  

Click here to make a request for gifts

Christmas is our most popular time for presents but we can try to get presents for any occasion so just let us know! 

Please ensure that all requests are made by 18th November so we can contact supporters with enough lead time before the holidays. Please note that while we will endeavour to deliver every request, gifts are donated by kind supporters with no 100% guarantee.