For those of you who may not know i lost my dad to cancer just before Christmas. He was a massive role model in not just my life but the rest of my families as well. You would never of met such a kind generous helpful man he would do anything to help anyone even if it was from good advice to something hands on he would always be happy to do what he could. The reason I've chosen this charity is because when dad was terminally ill we had this charity (which is a free service) come and see us every couple of days and asked if we needed a break so we could go and do our own thing for however long we needed and they would of sat with dad and given him as much comfort and support he needed at that difficult time. Fortunately because there was so many of us with him at the time he never got left alone once but theres many people out there who go through the same thing but have nobody to support them through it all. So this is where the butterflies come into place... Me and my friend lily are going to take on the tough mudder in finsbury park london on saturday the 13th of april!!

We'd be grateful for any donations anything will help the cause!

Thank you x

sam furse