Feeling of just knowing that you are not alone even if you aren't able to speak/express is a sense of comfort.

Our mom was a person with service as a purpose, committed to go out of her way to help anyone; be it within her family, friends or just an acquaintance. She was a person who was full of positivity and life, leaving a lasting impression even with a second of interaction with her.

In September 2020, we lost her to Covid in India. It was a situation we had never imagined or prepared for. Losing a close one, someone dear to your heart is an irreplaceable loss. But, losing them to COVID is a different dynamic.

She was one of those who liked to be surrounded by people. Not being able to take care of her, not being allowed to meet her often, not having the opportunity to be next to her to say goodbye in her final moments is a pain difficult to overcome and hard for us come to terms with. We can't even imagine what she must have felt or must have gone through.

We keep hoping that there was probably someone in the ICU- a nurse or a duty doctor who held her hand or stood by her, as she took her last breath. But, beyond duty, it needs lot of compassion and respect for life, for somebody to sit alongside a dying patient and hold their hand or to lend a listening ear…to just make them feel that they are not alone.

And whilst looking for charities to support in her memory, we looked at causes that care for the terminally ill so we can help ease the pain of families in a similar situation as ours.

In this search, "The Lister Butterfly Volunteer Service" stood out. They are a team of specially trained volunteers who provide comfort and companionship to dying patients and their families. We hope that raising funds for the Lister Butterfly Service would help the volunteers continue their invaluable support for end-of-life patients, by reducing their anxiety and fear and have a peaceful passing.

The Butterfly Service relies on donations and this is a small attempt to spread the awareness of this incredible service with the hope that such services can be continued and expanded to other hospitals.

Help raise funds by taking part in a 40-day mindfulness challenge: mental wellbeing is something that is ignored often, including us…so requesting all those donating to take part in the 20min (at least) a day meditation challenge, for a period of 40 days.

Thank you to everyone for your support.

Please read more about the Lister Butterfly service at the below page that features the story of one their volunteers:


 In loving memory of our dear mother,

Govind(our dad), Usha, Bindu, Rahul and the whole family

Bindu Akam