"One of the hardest things we're facing in this situation, is the loneliness felt by many. It's hard enough for those of us safely at home, who are unable to see, touch or hug our loved ones, but, imagine the heightened feelings of fear and anxiety for patients in hospital - alone except for their heroic caregivers and medical staff.

Lister Hospital's Butterfly service exists in normal day-to-day life to support patients at the end of their life so that no-one has to die alone. These patients too are often worried and scared by what's happening to them. The service provides support from a team of specially trained volunteers who sit with dying people. They can provide gentle touch, a listening ear, read, play music or simply sit alongside as a comforting presence.

This crisis is highlighting how important such seemingly simple gestures of compassion and care are. Please help me support the Butterflies - I want to raise much needed funds for this incredible service to continue and expand."

Russell Cox