My 3 year old son and I are attempting to run / walk / crawl the 5k Rainbow Run on the 2 October 2022 for Safe Space.

By creating a SafeSpace for children and young people with complex needs, we are providing an environment which reduces stress and anxiety and promotes wellbeing and mindfulness.

This important project will:
Create a SafeSpace for children and young people, particularly those who are feeling violent and angry or are sensitive to stressful environments

Provide sensory stimulation to help remove any negative thoughts, instead offering a calming and engaging environment
Ensure young people can access a range of age appropriate information surrounding their health and wellbeing

Toby has gross motor delay , he has been an impatient and visitor to children services numerous of times in his short life , he has sensory needs and the care he and as his family have received has been amazing.
he really dislikes loud noises and bright lights and as a parent with asd i have a complete understanding of needing own space especially when feeling unwell or overwhelmed

we would like to support this campaign and raise as much money .

Katherine Bellaris