A multi-birth cot helps to support bonding between newborn twin and triplet babies. It also helps them regulate their body temperatures, sleep cycles and soothe each other. It is also beneficial to the parents as they learn how to safely position their babies. 

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Davinia kindly shared her story of giving birth to twins in Lister Hospital

"After having my first child at Lister, I knew I was in safe hands for my second pregnancy even though this time it would be a very different experience as I was having twins!

"I was assigned specialist midwife, Pam, who deals with multiple pregnancies and she was brilliant from the offset. She made me feel at ease and the fact I saw the same person for every appointment just made the experience feel very personal. She was so lovely that I still enjoyed my pregnancy journey even though my husband couldn’t be as involved due to the Covid situation at the time.

"My pregnancy itself was good and by the end I was all ready to go with a natural labour. Due to my twins each having their own water sac and placenta, I was induced at 37 weeks.

"I honestly cannot praise the midwives and the other staff enough for their support and company while I was there. I know many would be anxious of being in hospital alone, but they really made me feel comfortable, and I didn’t feel alone at all.


"The labour was a long process and at various points my contractions stopped. I had my waters broken and I was also eventually put on a hormone drip to help get things moving. It was within a couple of hours of this that I was dilated enough to start pushing.

"I can’t thank the midwives enough for their support and encouragement throughout this time. I was exhausted, and thought I couldn't do it, but I could – and I did! I delivered my first little girl safely at 10:03am, and my second little girl 49 mins later.

"It's incredible to think I delivered two babies naturally, and something I couldn’t have done without the help of the amazing midwives! I could sing their praises all day, especially senior midwife Dawn, who stepped in and said everything she needed to, to give me the strength to get both babies out safely.

"I honestly cannot thank Lister Hospital enough for everything they have done for me throughout my pregnancy, and especially for getting me through a natural labour of twins. I still can’t believe I did it, and as brilliant as my husband was, I couldn’t have done it without them. My little girls Paisley Rae and Denver Rose were born on 25 September 2020 weighing 6lb 2 and 6lb 3."

Help us fund a multi-birth cot so twins like Davinia's can bond and soothe each other.