Help us raise funds to refurbish our outdated stroke therapy and rehabilitation kitchen to help patients regain independence after a stroke.

After a stroke, people can often be left with reduced strength and balance, and with co-ordination and thinking skills impaired.

Being able to make your own meals is hugely important and integral to a person's independence, wellbeing and self-confidence. With the right rehabilitation, many people who have had a stroke can re-learn lost skills needed to live independent lives. 

The refurbished kitchen will have: 

  • Height adjustable counters that can rise and fall
  • Sockets within easy reach
  • Adequate turning space for a wheelchair 
  • Bright sky art panels to introduce light into the space 
  • Updated appliances and crockery, including adaptive aids

The new kitchen will allow our occupational therapy team help patients who have had a stroke use a kitchen so that they can return home and live independently.