Going above and beyond to understand what matters to our patients

Our wonderful NHS staff work hard to ensure our patients receive the best care during their stay in our hospitals.

To support the ward teams and help patients stay connected to their loved ones while in hospital, we are funding the appointment of Lauren Butterfield as 'What Matters To You' Volunteer Co-ordinator. Lauren will ensure patients who are unable to communicate directly with their family themselves remain connected and informed during their stay in hospital. She will talk to patients and their families and ensure staff all understand what matters to them.

Lauren said: “I’m very excited to be appointed into this new post and would like to take this opportunity to thank the charity for their support. This is an exciting opportunity engaging with patients, carers and their families having the 'What Matters To You' conversation to keep everyone informed. I am very proud to be part of East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust team delivering this amazing project."

Lauren has already some wonderful comments about her important work. 

"Lauren seems instinctively to have understood my aunt's situation and specific emotional needs. She understands the importance of good communication, which is even more relevant today than ever before. Lauren has a degree of empathy that I have rarely seen in one so young.  Such a quality is invaluable when interacting with dementia patients."

"Lauren gave us the opportunity to 'visit' Mum in her final days and have multiple relatives from different locations on the call. Lauren was especially helpful and understanding. She arranged for Mum to be repositioned by the nurses during our call yesterday (Mum's final day) and was very compassionate and mindful of our needs. She deserves special recognition and praise for her work."

Help us continue to provide this vital role.