Susan McCarron

Clare Merrell

Our beloved mum Sue and devoted wife to Maurice past away on 12th September 2020 after her 4 year battle against cancer.
We would like to say a big thank you to all the consultants, doctors and nurses at the Mount Vernon Cancer Center.
They worked tirelessly and supported mum every step of the way. They also supported Dad and the family when needed. We want to raise money to help the staff and the unit in helping and supporting others to fight their battle against cancer.

Butterfly Fundraiser

sam furse

im fundraising because the butterfly service looked after my dad while he was ill with cancer just before christmas

Help the Butterfly Volunteers

Geraldine Strohm

The Butterfly Volunteers do amazing work for those at the end of their lives and their families, you helped my Dad, now I want to help you!

Caroline’s Butterfly fundraiser 🦋

Caroline Tyler

As a Butterfly volunteer myself, I recognise the importance of what we do. We offer a calm, caring and gentle support to patients at the end of their life. Please help us to ensure this vital service continues and grows.

Alex’s marathon fundraiser

Unverified User

As a respiratory/ICU physio I spent a lot of time with the most unwell patients in the hospital. Many don’t get to go outside and are stuck in rooms with limited natural light for weeks or months at a time. Being able to take patients outside to a designated made for purpose area will make a huge difference to their wellbeing and overall care!
For some it will be the last time they get to go outside.
It is also great for the well-being of the staff as well 😊
This cause means a lot

In Loving Memory of Peter White

Araiz Arrue Iturrate

Just a few months after my battle with breast cancer I lost a very dera work colleague, Peter White to cancer. This is in his memory.

Tazmin’s Health and Well-being Day Aug 2021

Tazmin Kells

I have used LJMC in the past for myself. It’s an amazing centre of support and hope it continues.

GWP Friends

Unverified User

So many good causes for patients and staff.