Mount Vernon Cancer Centre is a well renowned, highly specialised cancer centre based in Northwood.

As a centre of excellence, we pride ourselves in both our technical treatments and our patient care. Our staff are highly trained in non-surgical oncology.

The consultant team are highly respected and each specialises in one or two particular cancers. There is also a team of doctors who support the consultants’ clinical work both in the outpatient clinics and on the wards. Nurses deliver chemotherapy treatments and radiographers deliver radiotherapy treatments all supported by teams of physicists, administration staff and engineers.

There are over 500 members of staff, but we are united in our goal to provide high quality and timely treatment to our patients.

We treat from a large catchment population of almost 2 million people and some patients are referred to us from across the country into areas where we have specialist knowledge and expertise. Over 5,000 new patients are registered with us each year.

Mount Vernon Cancer Centre prides itself on being at the forefront with the latest technology available for treatment and many patients being offered clinical trials for both chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. The centre has the latest pumps for the delivery of chemotherapy and in radiotherapy the most up to date linear accelerators can deliver the latest treatment techniques.

Our facilities include:

  • A chemotherapy suite, which treats around 150 patients a week using 11 chairs and 2 beds, providing systemic anti-cancer therapy using established and cutting edge drug treatments for all cancer types
  • Inpatient wards 10 and 11, which have 47 beds between them including 2 high dependency beds as well as 2 teenage and young adult rooms
  • A comprehensive radiotherapy service from the point of clinical referral to the first follow-up appointment
  • Nine linear accelerators providing radiotherapy treatments, including CyberKnife and TrueBeam
  • Nuclear Medicine imaging and outpatient therapy service
  • Iodine suite treating 120 patients per year.

Our team of volunteers are available to help patients way find their way around our rather complex site. If you need help, just look out for the people wearing a yellow sash or a yellow lanyard and a yellow badge.