Age limit: Participants must be 18 years or over (no upper age limit for the course)

Cost: £35 (non-refundable booking fee) or £18 (for NHS Staff) + £200 minimum sponsorship per person All participants must be in good general health before entering and must declare any medical issues

Event Terms and Conditions

I recognise and acknowledge that there are certain risks to participants and I voluntarily and knowingly agree to assume the full risk of any and all injuries, damages or loss, regardless of severity, that I may sustain of said participation. I further agree to waive and relinquish all claims I may have (or which may accrue to me) as a result of participating in these activities against the East and North Hertfordshire Hospitals’ Charity (part of the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, including its employees, the agents, volunteers, sponsors, and the owners of the land. I agree that I am solely responsible for determining if I am physically fit and/or skilled for the activities contemplated by this assumption and release. It is always advisable, especially if the participant is pregnant or disabled in a way or recently suffered an illness, injury or impairment, to consult a physician before undertaking any physical activity. I, for myself and my heirs, do hereby fully release and forever discharge the administrators from any and all claims for injuries, including death or incapacity, illnesses, damages, expenses or loss that I may suffer arising out of, connected with, or in any way associated with the event, or associated with transportation to and from the event. I have read and fully understand the above important information, warning of risk, assumption of risk and waiver and release of all claims. By completing this booking form I agree to pay the booking fee of £35 or £18 if I am an NHS staff member and to donate or raise a minimum of £200 in sponsorship for the East and North Hertfordshire Hospitals Charity. If your minimum sponsorship target of £200 hasn’t been reached 3 months after the event, I agree to pay the remaining balance to the charity. When your booking form has been received the charity will make contact to send event information which includes information and advice on fundraising. By taking part in the event, I agree to receive these communications. The charity will not contact you in the future about support unless consent has been given.