We are currently raising funds to purchase a new birthing pool for the Consultant Led Unit (CLU) in maternity. We are hoping to offer more women who birth with us on the CLU the opportunity to use water as a method of pain relief during their labour and birth.  

The Maternity team at the Lister support the birth of 5,500 babies a year and just over 3,000 babies are born on the CLU.

We currently have one birthing pool on the CLU and both the women we care for and our midwives have told us that a second birthing pool would make a huge difference; as it would support us to offer more women the choice of using a pool during labour.

"From the moment I was admitted until the time that my baby and I were discharged, the staff at Lister hospital were absolutely amazing. The midwives that assisted me in particular were wonderful, professional and extremely supportive."

The benefits of using a birthing pool during labour:

  • The warm water lowers blood pressure, reducing feelings of anxiety, allowing the mothers body to release endorphins which help to ease pain
  • The water helps the mothers perineum to stretch gradually as the baby is being born
  • The support of the water means the mother is able to try different positions more freely
  • Being upright in the water means gravity helps to move the baby down towards the birth canal

You can help give more mothers a choice during labour