Calling all managers, star bakers or budding bakers!

We are kickstarting our Big Thank you Week on Monday 3 July with #CakeItEasy and are inviting managers, star bakers or budding bakers in your team to bake a cake for your department.

Alternatively, for those non-bakers amongst you, you can buy a cake for your team and get reimbursed using the form below.

This idea is based on your feedback from last year, allowing teams to have their own local thank you events at a time that suits their department.

Please note only managers will be able to complete the reimbursement form and can complete it on behalf of themselves or just one of their direct reports who have baked a cake. 

To help support your bakes, our hospitals charity will reimburse you up to £7 for the cost of ingredients or buying a cake.

To claim your expenses, please keep your receipts and fill in this form.  You will then be able to take your receipt to your nearest cash office any time after Wednesday 5 July to reclaim your cash.

Share to win

Please share pictures of your team enjoying their cake on socials with @enhhcharity (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) using the hashtag #cakeiteasy. There will be £25 Costa Coffee vouchers for:

  • Healthiest cake
  • My family recipe cake
  • Best decorated cake

Winners will be chosen at 11am on Thursday 6 July and will be notified from the charity social media account.