Interventional radiology (IR) is a sub-specialty of radiology which uses image-guided procedures in order to diagnose and treat diseases using the least invasive techniques.  A significant number of medical conditions that once required surgery can now be treated by IR techniques, and because IR procedures are minimally invasive, it means patients can often be seen in one day.

However, with their not currently being a specific recovery unit, prior to their procedure patients are currently being assessed by doctors and then having to use waiting rooms that are not within the immediate proximity of the procedure rooms. This can cause patients to become anxious as they wait for their procedure as they are not waiting in a specific area for IR procedures.

Patients needing to stay at the Hospital overnight following their procedure are currently being accommodated in the general Hospital bed base. This does not offer the best experience for the patient and their families as they are liaising with different members of staff, therefore unable to build a strong patient/staff relationship.

Through this project we want to create a specific recovery unit, providing an area with the capacity to accommodate six patients in a purpose built recovery area at any one time. The new recovery area will also provide a separate consultation room that can be used to assess patients.

The new recovery area will be within immediate proximity of the procedure rooms, offering a significant improvement in patient and family experience. A more seamless flow is produced with patients being admitted in the new recovery area, transferred to the procedure room and then return to the same recovery area. The recovery area would also allow relatives and carers to remain in one location and liaise with the same staff members throughout, building a strong patient/staff relationship.

Benefits of an Interventional Radiology recovery unit

  • Patients will be assessed, treated and recover in the same area
  • Improved patient, family and staff experience
  • Reduced waiting times for procedures
  • An additional capacity of 8-10 extra day cases could be accommodated