A scanner that can spot the early signs of liver damage has been purchased by our Hospital Charity to help launch a Fibroscan service which will help thousands of local patients treated at the Lister, the New QEII and Hertford County hospitals.

The Fibroscanner is a non-invasive procedure that measures liver scarring - providing a five minute, painless test with instant results.

The purchase of the equipment was made possible thanks to generous donations from local Rotaries across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire - as well as a grant from Rotary International.

Speaking about the Fibroscan service, Dr. Simon Greenfield, clinical director gastroenterology, said:

Liver damage is now the fifth commonest cause of death in the UK. Whilst deaths from strokes and heart attacks are declining, deaths due to liver disease are increasing. The traditional way of measuring liver damage with biopsy is expensive, painful and time-consuming. The fibroscan machine is a safe, accurate and convenient alternative.
The purchase of this machine would not have been possible without the support of the Hospital Charity and the generous donations from local Rotary groups and the grant received from Rotary international.”