In June 2009 I started working on the Neonatal unit as a support worker I remained on the unit for 2 years before moving to theatres , I gained a lot of experience however in perspective didn't really appreciate the amazing work both the nurses and drs do and the emotional toll the parents go through, until May 2019 when our miracle baby Toby was born by caesarean section, he was transferred straight to the unit after struggling with breathing and possible infection , I was unable to go with him but his dad was with him and both he and the dr explained what was going on. I was able to see him a few hours later, he was attached to bipap machine and even though I knew the equipment that he had on the feeling of the unknown took over, the nurses explained and supported me throughout and felt able to express exactly how I was feeling. He remained in a incubator for a couple of days.

Toby was discharged from the unit on the Friday however we was readmitted on the Monday due to jaundice and possible infection, we had only had him home for less than 2 days . This time was extremely hard for both myself and my partner Zack emotionally and as I was still recovering from the section physically.
The staff were amazing and allowed me to stay in the parents overnight room for the duration of our stay .we was in for 5 days ,being able to stay in the room allowed me to be with Toby as much as possible and to establish feeding , the nurses and drs were extremely supportive and reassuring and I cant thank them enough for looking after our miracle.
The rooms were lovely however I can understand the need for making both the rooms and lounge bigger especially for families that need extra space for siblings and other relatives. the area gives them the opportunity to be away from the noise and busyness of the unit which is beneficial for everyone involved.

Katie Bellaris