We are always proud to support our fantastic NHS medical teams and especially when we can make a real impact on patients’ health.

Dr Oscar Swift, nephrology specialist trainee and clinical research fellow, was recently presented with a prestigious Royal College of Physicians’ research award for his “enormous contribution made in delivering research to find new treatments and care pathways for NHS patients.” 

Dr Swift is leading research across in the UK looking at the relationship between kidney disease and liver disease and in particular, advancing the research into fatty liver disease in patients who have kidney disease.

Thanks to this charity-funded research, Dr Swift can use a Fibroscan machine to detect abnormalities in the liver in patients with kidney disease that would not be picked up in blood tests. With approximately 1 in 4 of patients with kidney disease also showing abnormal liver scan results, the results of his research will help open up additional treatment pathways for the patients in the future.

Dr Swift said: “People living with kidney disease can also be at high risk of liver disease, most notably, non-alcohol related fatty liver disease. This research is helping to establish what proportion of people are at risk and how it may affect their health. Longer term, the research will help to advance treatments that will improve the health of this group of patients."

“The support of East and North Hertfordshire Hospitals’ Charity has been fundamental to the successful delivery of this research for the benefit of patients. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of the generous donations that have helped to fund this important clinical research study.”

Congratulations to Dr Swift and his team for leading this work that will have such a huge impact for patients with kidney disease.