Thanks to your support, we are delighted to have funded a FeNO (Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide) machine that gives immediate and accurate results to speed up diagnosis and treatment for patients with asthma.
A FeNO device is a novel medical technology used to help in the diagnosis of asthma. FeNO devices measure fractional exhaled nitric oxide in the breath of patients. Nitric oxide is a biomarker for asthma which provides an indication of the level of inflammation in the lungs.
Although FeNO is primarily a diagnostic tool, it can also help in the ongoing monitoring of chronic asthma.
Benefits of a FeNO include: 
  • Improved accuracy of diagnosis for patients suspected of having asthma
  • Improved treatment due to a better understanding of a patient's condition
  • Improved patient outcomes, reducing the risk of admissions to hospital
  • Reduction in inappropriate treatment
  • Reduction in the number of inappropriate referrals to secondary care clinics