The amazing Ferguson family came in to present a cheque for £20,975.25 raised by their family and friends with support from local businesses such as McLaren.

The family started fundraising to say thank you to the Bluebell Ward for the wonderful care their daughter, Elianna, has received over the years throughout her treatment for leukaemia. They came up with the idea to create a brand new garden area for children and families having similar treatment.

Mum, Francesca, said: "We spend a lot of time on the ward and in the isolation rooms and during this time you can't help but think how things can be improved for the kids and families.

"The Bluebell Ward team are just fantastic and the nurses and play specialists just make your journey that bit easier but we wanted to try and improve the facilities to make it more comfortable.

"There is one room on the ward that has a door outside and small garden. Immunocompromised children can't use the shared outside garden space so we decided to use the funds to create an additional garden. Having fresh air and an opportunity to play outside really helps with recovery and comfort when you are staying for a long period.

"During a horrible, scary time for us as a family, I really enjoyed putting my energy into something positive and helping raise these funds to make this garden room project come together.

"It wouldn't have been possible without the amazing support from friends and family who have put on family fun days, walks around the lakes, a Christmas market, sponsored challenges and mountain climbs as well as support from businesses like McLaren for giving us that generous final boost of money to be able to complete the project."