Hitchin mum, Kerrie Goude, has signed up to take on the Lister Abseil to thank the hospital for saving her and her baby’s life when she caught Covid in December 2020.

Kerrie was five months’ pregnant when she contracted Covid. She called 111 when she started struggling to breathe and after being assessed by paramedics, she was admitted to the Stevenage hospital on 28 December.

After three days on the ward, her condition deteriorated, and she was moved to the intensive care unit (ICU) and put on a ventilator to help her breathe.

Kerrie Goude in hospital on ventilator

When she regained consciousness, Kerrie didn’t know she was still pregnant. She suffered from psychosis, was too weak to stand and had trouble breathing due to a granuloma in her throat from being on a ventilator. 

After further treatment, Kerrie was eventually fit enough to be discharged on 18 January and happily, she had a healthy baby son a few months later. Her rehabilitation and full recovery took several more months.

Kerrie said: “I am taking part in the Lister Abseil because although I will never be able to repay the level of care, compassion, and selfless determination the staff in ICU gave me whilst I was in their care, I want to continually do all I can to raise awareness and vital funds for the incredible work they do. 

“They saved my life during a national crisis, sacrificing their own wellbeing to hold my hand whilst I cried, brushing my hair whilst I was on a ventilator, sitting next to me through the night whilst I suffered post ICU psychosis, and standing in as a friend while I wasn’t allowed visitors. The type of human beings who take up a role in the NHS are truly some of the most incredible people.

“During my descent on the 23 March I have no doubt that I will feel incredibly emotional. I was lucky enough to return home to my husband and 4-year-old daughter, and not only that, I also got to bring home my brand-new baby boy. 

“The last few years have taken me from someone who was on life support with a limited chance for survival, to being strong enough to abseil 11 storeys down the side of a building - all thanks to the team at Lister - incredible!”

To sign up for the abseil, visit www.enhhcharity.org.uk/abseil24.

Kerrie is abseiling to raise funds for the charity’s Sunshine Appeal to create an outside space so that patients in the ICU can be taken outside to spend time away from the ward in the fresh air and sunshine.

If you would like to support the Sunshine Appeal, go to www.enhhcharity.org.uk/sunshine.