Sally Bretton – who stars in Not Going Out alongside comedian Lee Mack – is calling on the local community to support the appeal, which will ensure there are more opportunities for patients and staff to enjoy fresh air and sunshine away from the busy hospital environment.

Sally, who has also had roles in British sitcoms Green Wing and The Office, said: “Please join me in supporting my local hospital charity’s Sunshine Appeal to transform outdoor spaces at Lister Hospital so that patients and staff can enjoy the benefits of being outside in the fresh air and sunshine.”

Join Sally and support the Sunshine Appeal to help bring sunshine to Lister Hospital.

Plans include creating an outside terrace so patients in the intensive care unit can be pushed outside in their beds to enjoy the fresh air.

Dr Kate Flavin, critical care consultant at Lister, said: “During the peak of the pandemic, we saw how patients in intensive care responded well to feeling fresh air on their face and seeing the moving sky.

“A new terrace will allow us to move patients in their beds, with all the necessary equipment, out into the open air. We want to create a beautiful space in which patients can feel fresh air, see the sky and have some time away from the machines and bright lights of the wards.

“The sad fact is, in some cases, it may be the last time they get to see the sky.”

Support the Sunshine Appeal to help bring sunshine to Lister Hospital.