The new gym will be available to all patients and staff at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre. 

We all know the importance of doing regular exercise for our health and there is overwhelming evidence that physiotherapy-led exercise for people undergoing treatment for cancer can:

  • Reduce disease progression 
  • Reduce cancer recurrence
  • Reduce cancer mortality
  • Improve quality of life
  • Reduce and prevent disability
  • Alleviate distressing symptoms e.g. lymphoedema, pain and fatigue
  • Reduce bone loss and risk of falls

(Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Macmillan Cancer Support)

The new gym will provide:

  • 1:1 physiotherapy and occupational therapy alongside clinic appointments for patients
  • Group exercise and activity sessions including yoga and pilates
  • Multi-disciplinary programmes including support for breathlessness, fatigue and weight management
  • Out-of-hours staff access to gym including yoga, meditation and group support sessions

The gym, funded by the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre charitable fund, is scheduled for opening in 2022.