The SI Velani Corp Foundation has added to its previous donation of 2022 to fund a new dual scalp cooling Paxman system at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre.

Their chair, Liam, visited the centre to meet medical staff and see the immense impact is has had on patient treatment.

Liam said: "I am extremely proud of the impact that our donation has had. It will make such a difference to the patients who are having treatment for cancer at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre. We look forward to working with the centre in the future, to expand on the philanthropic support we can provide them.”

Eloise Huddleston, charity director added: “We are extremely grateful to Liam and the SI Velani Corp Foundation for funding the new scalp cooling caps system. The cooling caps can help reduce the risk of hair loss from chemotherapy and with hair loss often being one of the most difficult side effects to deal with, the new system will benefit many patients. Thank you so much.”