Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre is very close to my heart. It provided me with support and care during my cancer treatment. This support is available to cancer patients from Mount Vernon and Bishops Wood hospital where both Peter White and I had our treatment. Peter is no longer with us, he lost his battle against cancer a few months ago but his memory and legacy continues with his family and us, his work colleagues. Some of you may not have met Peter. He was most confortable working under the scene but I had the opportunity to work with him for 9 years and he has very special to me. I looked up to him as a leader and mentor as well as an outstanding human being. I will also be donating my hair in Peter White's memory to The Pricess Trust so that they can create a wig for someone undergoing cancer treatment. I would very much appreciate your support and donations for this very beautiful cause so close to our hearts.

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