In June 2019 my sister Tish was diagnosed with Breast cancer, at the time it felt like a devastating shock. My sister was supported by a team of professionals within the NHS, receiving surgery and follow up treatments chemo and radiotherapy.

The Lynda Jackson centre throughout that time offered warmth, emotional support, alternative therapies, tea and friendly helpful advice.
The Lynda Jackson centre provides support and information to people affected by cancer.
The services are offered not only to the patient but also to their families from diagnosis, through all aspects of treatment and beyond.

For Breast Cancer Awareness day 23rd October 2020, we, along with your help would like to support the Lynda Jackson Centre enabling them to continue offering their free of charge services.

As a fun way of fundraising, we would like to invite you to participate in a VIRTUAL RELAY.
WALK, CYCLE, RUN or SWIM 5k, or your comfortable distance, donate as much as you would like and can afford. Then simply pass the virtual baton on to virtual friends and family.
Have fun and please post photos of your surroundings and personal bests.

Thank you to everyone for your help and support. The Carroll Family.

This is our way of thanks for the amazing people working at the Lynda Jackson centre,
the special team of people working there are truly dedicated to helping you and encouraging you with strength at a very vulnerable time.

Mary Carroll