We fund projects to ensure our hospitals are dementia-friendly

1,600 patients with dementia are admitted to the Lister Hospital in Stevenage, Hertfordshire each year. We fund projects to ensure that are hospitals are dementia friendly to help patients feel less confused and more at ease. 

Some projects we want to fund include:

Specialist Lighting

Softer lighting which provides daylight during the day and a soft glow at night provides more of a home-from-home environment to ease agitation and encourage rest.

Clear Signage

Clear signage using distinctive colours and pictures has been shown to help reduce confusion in patients with dementia.

Tailored Entertainment Systems

Entertainment systems for every bed will enable patients to access both TV and music of their choice. By having individual bedside entertainment centres each patient can maintain their familiar routines. This can be provided, all without disturbing other patients.

Reminiscence Dayrooms

Dayrooms redesigned in a homely, old fashioned and familiar style will provide reassurance for dementia sufferers. This will encourage them to socialise and provide a comforting space for family members. Old photos and old-fashioned furnishings have been shown to help encourage reminiscing which in turn has a positive impact on wellbeing.

Specialist Recliner Chairs

Hospital stays can loosen connections between loved ones. Specialist recliner chairs next to each bed will enable partners and family members to stay with their loved one overnight.

Wish List

Our wonderful dementia team have put together a Wish List of items that will help their patients. They would be most grateful if you could help provide any of the items on the list. Thank you.