We are fundraising to create a quiet room on ward 10A at Lister Hospital. We want a calm and comforting space for staff to have sensitive and difficult conversations with patients and families and be able to offer them support away from the busy ward. 

Our target is £2,000 to fund decorating, soft furnishings and murals to make a beautiful, tranquil environment. 

Emiley Smith, ward manager said: “We are grateful for any penny we receive so we can create this much-needed space on the ward. We care for patients with cancer and also end-of-life patients, so we often have to have sensitive conversations with them about diagnoses, treatment options and end-of-life plans and a busy, noisy ward isn’t the right environment for those conversations. 

"Having a safe, quiet and calm room to have confidential and tough conversations will help us support patients and their families better and bring comfort at a time of need.

"This room will also have dual purpose and be used as a ‘wobble room’ for staff so they can have a space to reflect when they have been affected by the conversations they have had with patients.”

Please help us create this much-needed quiet room.