To apply for charitable funding at the Lister, MVCC, QEII and Hertford County Hospital

To apply for charitable funding for your department please complete the online application form. We will support as many projects as we are able to, as long as they meet the Charitable Spend Criteria.

Please remember all the projects we fund must be above and beyond the obligation of the NHS

If you have been asked to submit a stage 2 application please complete this form 


Applications are assessed by Committee.

Applications under £500 - Decision in 5 working days, if MD approval has been confirmed and all paperwork is correct

All other applications will be considered at a meeting called CMT - Charity Management Team meeting, your MD must be present or send a representative. These meetings are every 2 months.

If an application is over £5,000 it is considered at CMT (as above) and then again at a meeting called CTC - (Charity Trustee Committee) which meets on 7th March 2022, 7th June 2022 and 12th September 2022.