If you are interested in applying for charity funding towards a training course, conference or learning opportunity please ensure you have read the criteria and application details below in preparation which includes asking your manager to complete an approval form.

Charity funding approval process for training

Applications above £500 are reviewed by the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust Education Board who will make a recommendation to the Charity Director and the Charity Trustee Committee if they support the course being funded through charity.

The board will review the application and the outcomes achieved from the learning ensuring the opportunity adheres to charitable criteria. The board will also see if other funding options are available if it isn't eligible for a charitable grant.

When the recommendation is made by the Education board applications over £5,000 will be approved by the Charity Trustee Committee, and between £500 - £5,000 will be approved by Charity Management Team.

Eligibility for applying for charitable funding

The following criteria applies for charitable spend on training courses and development opportunities.

Charity funding can only be spent on projects that are above and beyond the remit of the NHS and will have a demonstrable impact on enhancing practice and patient care, support professional development and encourage leadership and talent.

This means the Charity can only fund training courses that are:

  • NOT REQUIRED to complete for essential learning/development as stated by your manager in your appraisal
  • REQUESTED in advance of the start date

Please note:

  • The funding must be requested 3 months in advance of the start date and funding will not be granted retrospectively if application hasn’t been approved prior to attending
  • Applications will be reviewed at the education board (meetings take place every month) and you will be notified by Head of Charity after the meeting whether your request has been successful

Examples of courses and educational opportunities the charity has funded:

  • Acupuncture refresher training for substance misuse and stress management
  • EPNS Congress Paediatric Neurology
  • Advanced Radiographer Treatment Planning Masters dissertation module
  • Neuromodulation Symposium
  • Hope Course for cancer team
  • Acute Oncology Practice course

How to apply

In order to secure funding for a course please complete the application and training agreement online

Please then ask your manager to complete the manager approval form online here

Please note the manager approval for MVCC applications is only valid if it is from Trisha Webbe or Sarah James 

Before applying please ensure you have gained your divisional directors approval which you must indicate on the application form


Applications for training are assessed and reviewed by the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust Education board so please ensure you and your manager have completed the online application form a minimum of two weeks in advance of meeting dates.

For enquiries

If you have any questions about charitable funding, your eligibility to apply or the status of your application please contact Eloise Huddleston (Charity Director) on 01438 285182 or email [email protected]

To discuss other funding opportunities for training please contact Emer Corbett (Continuing Professional Development Nurse) on 01438 286480 or email [email protected]