We fund Cancer Hair Care to support women and men with hair loss during treatment for cancer.

Jasmin of Cancer Hair Care provides support packs, headwear and one-to-one advice and support for patients undergoing treatment for cancer. 

Hair loss can be one of the most traumatic side effects of cancer treatment. Jasmin helps people deal with hair loss with peer-to-peer support, workshops and practical help and accessories so patients feel equipped to face the world. 

Julie, a patient at Lister Hospital said: “It was both daunting and overwhelming when I was trying to get to grips with what was happening to me, in terms of my cancer diagnosis and coping with potential hair loss. My long, thick hair was such a big part of my identity.

"Cancer Hair Care means a great deal to me. They helped me to be bold and provided exceptional service. I was supported by the charity throughout my treatment, into recovery and my hair growing back – this time curly! At each point in my journey, they gave me confidence and this permeated my entire hair loss experience and how I faced the world."

Sharon said: “One of the worst thoughts for me was losing my hair completely. I know it sounds daft after a diagnosis of breast cancer but it was a real worry. 

I honestly could not have done all this without Jasmin and the Cancer Hair Care team. When I was initially told that the chemo drugs I would need were the ones where most people lose all their hair it was very upsetting and I was prepared for the worst. Losing hair is such a cruel side effect from chemo.

I contacted Jasmin and she immediately set up a zoom meeting. Jasmin clearly realises that everyone is different with different thoughts and feelings and she really listened and understood me so well. She reassured me that she and her team were there to help and that they had all sorts of ideas and ways to help me feel like me."

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