We fund the Forget-Me-Not Dementia Volunteer Service to support patients in Lister Hospital who are living with dementia.

Approximately 1,600 patients with dementia are admitted to Lister Hospital each year.

Forget-Me-Not Dementia Volunteers are a dedicated group of individuals who spend time with patients who have dementia to help them feel more at ease in the unfamiliar hospital environment.

Volunteers get to know their patients and will help them take part in activities they will enjoy or simply sit with them for a chat or while they listen to music or watch a film. 

They will also support their loved ones and signpost them to further support if needed. The volunteers regularly liaise with the ward staff to ensure the care needs of each individual are being met.

Chris, one of the Forget-Me-Not volunteers, has been spending time chatting, joking and having walks with Richard, who has dementia.

Richard's daughter said: "Thank you so much. It was a really big help for my dad and meant that it took away that bit of the clinical side of hospital. Chris was lovely and it really did make a big difference."

Help us continue to provide this vital service to support our patients living with dementia.

If you have a few hours a week to spare and interested in becoming a Forget-Me-Not Dementia Volunteer, please contact Molly, our Volunteer Coordinator on: 01438 284564, 07407 876933 or [email protected]