The Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre, located at the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, is one of the first organisations of its kind to provide support, information and holistic care to people affected by cancer.

The centre provides a service that support patients and families by helping them cope with all aspects of the disease from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

The centre works closely with the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust to ensure that conventional treatments and procedures are fully integrated with a complementary approach that deals with the patient as a whole person, and not just with the disease.

The centre was named after Lynda Jackson, a patient at Mount Vernon who died at the age of 31. Her family and friends raised a substantial amount of money in her memory to launch the fundraising for the centre that was to come to bear her name.

It costs approximately £11,000 each month to keep the services at the centre running. 

Your donations will enable the centre to offer:

  • Support which is responsive to the wishes of patients, their families and friends
  • Information which is accurate, up-to-date and relevant to the individual
  • A service which is available at any stage of a patient’s illness
  • Holistic care and free complimentary therapy for patient.

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