David Davis, 86, former journalist with The Times newspaper and vice chairman at Edelman, the world’s largest public relations organisation, is a patient at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre after being diagnosed with kidney cancer in November 2022.

David has been writing a diary to help him get through the rough days and hopes others will benefit from what he has learned.

“Walking through the doors of the centre for the first time with my wife Beryl we were both filled with a combination of fear and relief…it was a lifeline and at last my kidney cancer was going to be treated.

“Once inside the fear disappeared because it quickly became obvious I was in the hands of professionals who not only understood my personal feelings but also were experts in treating people with cancer. The doctors, nurses, radiologists, phlebotomists, pharmacists and the receptionists who were the first people I met.

“The meeting with a doctor was business-like which put us at ease. We discussed my diagnosis and the options for treatment. The decision was immunotherapy, a targeted pill a day, which was started immediately.

“At home, the team at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre never forget me. At least once a month I get a check-up phone call and there’s always the opportunity for a face-to-face consultation at a patient’s request. Between times should I have a concern I can call my renal nurse or the acute oncology service - both have been very helpful to me on several occasions.”

David is writing his diary to raise funds to thank Mount Vernon Cancer Centre.