Natalie and her family have raised an incredible £2,910 to provide Reco bras for patients who have had breast cancer surgery

Natalie Andrews has had breast cancer twice and over the last three years she has had treatment at Lister Hospital, New QEII Hospital and Mount Vernon Cancer Centre.

Natalie has a very supportive family who wanted to join her in raising funds to help other patients who will go through a similar experience. 

Not only did her brothers, Matt and Connor shave their heads along with Natalie before she started chemotherapy, but they also put on a 12-hour mixed martial arts seminar and training day. 

They asked for donations and got many world class instructors and fighters to donate their time for free.

Matt and Connor said: "Natalie is so young to have had breast cancer twice, yet she has taken the hair loss in her stride. When she spoke to us about the cost of special bras and how lucky she was to be able to afford one of them, we were really shocked, especially when she said many women can’t afford them."

"Nat shaved her head in December and we joined her but we knew we wanted to do more so decided to organise a Jiu Jitsu v Cancer event.

"The Andy Nugent's Academy, a martial arts centre in Stevenage, joined us to help put it on. 100 people attended and we had incredible instructors come from Bristol, Birmingham and Southampton. We are really happy to have raised funds for these special bras for women that need them."

Natalie added: "The Reco bras are essential and I was motivated to raise funds so that others could have them too. Wearing a reconstructive bra makes you feel so much better. Hair will grow back but losing a breast is really hard physically but also mentally."

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