Meet Alfie -  at only 3 years old, Alfie was admitted to Lister Hospital when he was diagnosed with leukaemia back in 2012.

His mum Kirsty said “When we first found out it was over whelming, you didn’t really know what was going to happen, we were told in the afternoon and within six hours we were in an ambulance.

For two years Alfie was in and out of hospital. Our play specialists were always on hand to entertain him and take his mind off his treatment.


“Christina our play specialist was the first person I spoke to when I came out of the doctor’s room.. She made a huge difference, I always remember that day.

“Every time we go in, someone’s always there and smiling. They always make time to come and see you, that’s quite invaluable really. The play team don’t change. We go to clinic now and there’s still the same smiling people”


Alfie was treated for two years at Lister and is now in remission, doing well at home with his family.

The family were overwhelmed with the treatment they received.

Alfie was so thankful to the hospital and charity that when he was gifted £100 from his granny he decided to donate it to the children’s ward. He asked the team to buy some toys for the play room where he enjoyed spending his time during his treatment. Alfie particularly enjoyed having his very own toy box, which the play specialists and he wanted other children to have the same.

Kirsty is so proud of her son’s generosity and his passion to help other children in need so she wanted to share his story with others in the hope they would join him in supporting the East and North Hertfordshire Hospitals’ Charity.