Steph and Joe are taking part in the Lister Abseil on May 19th to raise money for the Lister Neonatal Big Build. Steph, currently on maternity leave with her healthy baby, who is just over a year old, is a CSW staff member at the Lister Hospital

Steph and Joe’s daughter was born prematurely at 32 weeks, weighing just 3ib 6oz and was cared for on the Lister Neonatal Unit for 16 days. Steph used to sleep in her car as she didn’t want to be too far from her baby and found the experience of leaving the unit to get food frustrating:

“I wish there had been somewhere to rest, make some food and just take some time away from the ward without actually being off the unit and too far from my baby. To be able to have somewhere to prepare and store food rather than living off sandwiches and have a rest would have been amazing.”

They are bravely taking on the Lister’s iconic tower block, to help make the experience of future parents with babies on the unit just that little bit more comfortable.

“It's exhausting having a baby in special care, especially after giving birth. That's why the big build means so much; it will make the whole experience a little bit easier for parents on their NICU journey, it will have a huge impact on future parents.”