Kerrie Goude has set up a fundraising appeal to thank the staff who cared for her when she was admitted to Lister Hospital with COVID-19.

Kerrie praised the incredible staff who not only treated her, but also comforted and supported her through during her stay in hospital. 

This is Kerrie's story in her own words:

I have survived Covid-19. But there is no doubt that I wouldn’t be here without the incredible care I received from the staff at Lister Hospital.
I saw with my own eyes the immense pressure they are under, but they continue, day after day doing what is best for every patient. I am 6 months pregnant, not only did they give me the chance to watch my 4 year old daughter grow up, they protected my baby and gave me the chance to hold his tiny hand in just a few weeks time.
The virus has ravaged through every part of my body. There were times no one knew what the outcome would be, but no matter what was happening, how exhausted the doctors and nurses were, and how many back to back shifts they had done, they would always have time to sit with me and hold my hand. Telling me I could get through it, and reminding me why I was fighting so hard.
They tolerated my hallucinations, my anxiety, my emotional outbursts, and my pregnancy hormones. They just kept going, holding my hand, and telling me it would be ok. They took daily calls from my family who had no way of knowing how I was, or whether I would pull through because I was intubated. They took time to calm them and talk to them, even if it meant they missed their lunch break, probably the only opportunity they would get on a 12 hour shift.
Kerrie Goude in hospital on ventilator
They are no longer just doctors and nurses, covid has meant they must play the role of family member, counsellor, communicator and carer all while keeping you alive. The nurses cried with me, calmed me, and built me back up when I felt I couldn’t go any further, where is that in their job description?
They tell me that my recovery to full health will take 6 months, for now I have crutches to walk, and a wheelchair for long distances. I have a physio, a dietitian, a mental health nurse, a critical care nurse and I am part of the covid discharge clinic. All of this is funded entirely by our local NHS. My 4 year old daughter is having play therapy because of the potential long term damage the experience will do to her, again funded by the NHS.
Yes, the NHS might be grossly underfunded, but the determination and the fight they have is like nothing I have ever experienced. I have no way to ever repay the staff for saving my life, but if we all donated, no matter how small, we can show them that we are still here, right behind them, holding their hand in spirit, while they continue the war against the worst health crisis we have seen in our lifetime.
Please consider contributing, it would mean the world to me. To donate to my fundraising page click here.

Thank you so much for sharing your story Kerrie and for fundraising to support our staff. We agree, they are incredible!