We believe in the magic of play when treating children in hospital. East and North Hertfordshire NHS trust employs a fantastic team of play specialists and the Charity fundraises to enable them to provide their patients with toys, games and the appropriate environment to play in.

Our aim is to reduce anxiety whilst children are waiting to be treated or discharged. Play simply distracts them from their injury or illness; by taking their mind off of being in an unsettling situation. This can result in a reduced need for extra medical input as a relaxed child is much easier to treat, this also inevitably, leads to a more relaxed parent.

Working closely with our clinical colleagues our ambition is to provide opportunities for play as a distraction in the waiting room of the Children’s Emergency Department, which sees approximately 30,000 children each year and in the children’s wards where children are treated as inpatients and wait for a number of ambulatory care appointments and clinics, including a daily plastics clinic and weekly oncology clinic. 

We are currently fundraising for our Interactive Flooring Appeal, the flooring will project sensory games so that children can play puzzles, read books and create art, encouraging them to take their mind off their injury or illness. This will help reduce anxiety in young patients and the need for extra medical input when children are seen.

Whilst financial support enables the play specialists to spend donations where the need is greatest we also welcome donations of new toys and books, if you would like to donate gifts to the children’s ward please contact Claire [email protected].